Toblerone Ice Cream Cake


Toblerone Ice Cream Cake is undeniably appetizing for those who are fond of the said brand of chocolate. Because come on, eating your favorite chocolate merged into two more palatable dessert -cake and ice cream- is truly a heavenly experience. I bought this last September 2017 from an online seller who’s also studying in the same university as me. My boyfriend’s sweet tooth is extremely stimulated by his favorite chocolate brand Toblerone so I immediately messaged the seller and planned a meet up for the purchase.



I was a little dismayed to see that it wasn’t as big as I expected it to be. For a price of Php550, I expected a taller cake that is secured in a box with a total height of 4-5 inches. But the box is even smaller than three inches in height and it isn’t also that sturdy since the material used in it turned way too soft when the ice cream cake started to melt a little bit.



I find the serving small since the cake is roughly 2.5 inches in height and 10 inches in circumference. It is enough for a total of 6 medium slices and 8 small slices. The cake has a rough look and texture due to the abundance of almond nuts decorating it. The shape is an irregular circle and as seen in the picture, the cake already contains cracks due to our mishandling during our commute home. There’s vanilla cream seeping out of the cracks since the ice cream part is already starting to melt. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a good shot out of it during its decent form.


I did a research myself regarding the breakdown of the nutritional value of the cake. I came across and found the answers I needed. Also, the cake appears to be gluten free and vegetarian friendly.


The outer layer of the cake is crunchy and there’s an undoubtedly slight salty taste of almonds. As far as I can remember, it has two layers. The base is made up of some chewy chocolate fudge while the top layer is consisted of a creamy milk chocolate icing. I’m not particularly satisfied with the taste of the base since it doesn’t really contain that toblerone sweetness. It also left a texture in my mouth that I disliked but I cannot explain what exactly caused my dissatisfaction. I loved the milky chocolate cream of the top layer and I genuinely took my time in indulging myself to its sweet and smooth taste. My boyfriend on the other hand, disliked the base as well since it offended his taste buds because he thinks that its contents were made up of dark chocolate. He is extremely disgusted by dark chocolates which is the reason why the cake kind of disappointed him. It’s just our personal preference but anyone who likes all types of chocolates will surely love this cake.

Overall Experience

This cake is recommended to every chocolate cake lover without reservations. The base and the packaging is its only weak points after all. It’s strong points are its aesthetic, top layer, and almonds!


Price: 7/10

Aesthetics: 10/10 

Packaging: 6/10

Taste: 6/10

Recommendation: 8/10 

Kaboom Wings and Burgers


My boyfriend and I discovered Kaboom Wings and Burgers last August 2017. The place is located at JPD Building, 1955 Recto Ave, Sampaloc, Manila, 1015 Metro Manila which is near our school making it accessible to us whenever we crave for some buffalo wings or chicken tenders. This restaurant was recommended to me by my friends when they surprised me with a box of spicy and sweet and sour  buffalo wings.



The place is located at the ground floor of JPD building and it isn’t air conditioned making the atmosphere humid and sort of musky. The Kaboom sign can be easily seen since it is well lit by its surrounding lights. During the rainy days, water floods the place outside of the restaurant. It is a major turn off since I’m not sure if the flood is made up of rain water of toilet water because it seems to be coming from the restrooms that is located across the restaurant.



I’m not totally good with designs but the place has a very modern touch in it. The restaurant is fully air conditioned and the chairs and tables provide the utmost comfort to its customers. It has a great ambiance and modern pop music runs in the background at a medium level of volume. What we sort of disliked is that the place turns rather smoky when the customers are at its peak especially during 11am to 2pm.



We ordered 3 pieces buttered tenders (Php119) and 2 pieces kaboom wings (Php 129) partnered with iced tea. Diving in to our orders was absolutely the best part!


Sweet and Sour Kaboom Wings – The sauce leaves that sweet and sour taste lingering inside your mouth. The skin is undoubtedly crispy despite being glazed by the sauce and the chicken meat itself is juicy and flavorful. I am confident to say that the delicious taste is skin deep!


Buttered Tenders with Garlic Mayo – This combination is a match made in heaven! The outside contains a little bit of crispiness while the chicken meat is blasting with flavour. The buttered tenders partnered with the garlic mayo dip is enough to make me ignore anyone talking to me. Lol. That’s how appetizing it is. It makes me want to savor every ounce of this order.


Overall experience

Despite being sort of turned off by the place’s surroundings during the rainy days, the taste of their food is enough to make me forget the ill feelings I contain for their exterior. They serve palatable dishes that leaves the customers wanting for more. Their staffs are also kind and approachable. Their food will surely make any customer visit them again.




Exterior – 6/10


Interior – 8/10


Food – 10/10


Staff – 10/10


Ambiance – 10/10



Rescuing a doggo in need

I found a helpless and limping dog at the street next to my neighborhood. Being a dog lover, I did my best to save the poor doggo in need. Here’s the documentation of how it went.

February 28, 2018


The state of this poor dog broke my heart into a million pieces. My mom told me about his state and as far as she can remember, he has been helpless like this ever since the morning of 28th.

post help

I posted a status on my fb wall and shared it to dog groups in hopes of getting a sponsor so that I can take the dog to the vet myself. I got numerous responses and shares from different dog lovers all over the country. There were good samaritans (some were even located abroad!) who offered to give me donations just so I can save the dog as soon as possible. Thank God the post made its way to a PAWS volunteer -Ms. Angela dela Costa – who assisted me in the process of rescuing the fur baby.


And tadaaaaa~ We needed a foster owner to take the dog in for the mean time. Unfortunately, I can’t be up to the job since there will be no one left at home to look after this fur baby 24/7.


Finally, Ms. Czarina took the responsibility of being his foster owner and looking after him until the PAWS shelter gets a vacancy spot. Despite knowing him for a max of 21 hours, I’m still gonna miss this cute fur baby. If he is still unadopted  and still resides in the PAWS shelter within a span of 2 years, I’m gonna take him in myself. I’ll be his fur parent and I will ensure his happiness and wellness for the rest of his life!


Here’s the result of his xray 😦

Here’s the update from Ms. Czarina.

Here’s the photo of the good booooooy! Such a handsome, young man!


I received a lot of messages bearing words of praises in which I’m not accustomed to so I posted another status since I’m socially awkward like that lmao.

The start of March 2018 came on unexpectedly for me but I can say that everything is worth it since I managed to save a fur baby’s life!

Here’s the link to every post.

Sharp to Dull


I cut it slow

I slice it deep

I want to go

This, I can’t keep

If I’m to leave

And say goodbye

Please do not grieve

Nor ask me why

It has been long

I’m numb inside

I know it’s wrong

Trust me, I’ve tried

It’s farewell now

To this old town

I’ll take a bow

As blood drips down

Vanilla Drop’s Customized Cupcakes!


Anyone who will see this kind of customized cupcake may utter a gasp of surprise accompanied by widening of the eyes. I mean, who wouldn’t? These sweets are designed to look like male and female genitalia which are often used during bridal showers. I pre-ordered it a week before Valentines Day at Vanilla Drops and each cupcake costs Php 50. I intended to give it as a surprise Valentine gift to my boyfriend.


I’m not entirely sure but I think the lewd sculptures are made up of fondant icing that is mixed with vibrant food coloring in order to make it more realistic. These sculptures are then placed on top of a white and gooey frosting which appears to be some melted marshmallows. It’s way too sticky compared to other frostings and personally, I can’t appreciate it much since the texture is a little off. The cupcake itself is chocolate flavored and has that glossy touch probably due to the butter applied on top of it.


So, what’s the verdict? Starting from the fondant sculptures, they taste way TOO sweet. One small bite from it is enough for me to crave for a glass of water although this is to be expected since fondant icings are originally supposed to taste extremely sweet. The white frosting doesn’t taste like melted marshmallows but what I didn’t like about it is the feeling of it on my tongue. It doesn’t have that full consistency texture that frostings are supposed to contain. In addition to that, it is also lacking in the sweetness scale. It’s not entirely bland but it sure does need another teaspoon of sugar to achieve its decent taste. I’d love to say that the chocolate cupcake is what I liked the best. Its form is full and it doesn’t easily fall to crumbs. The taste is close to perfection since it draws the line between sweet and bland. It gives balance to the extremely sweet fondant sculptures and slightly bland frosting. The technique in eating this kind of customized cupcake is to take a bite from each layer in order to balance its taste and don’t forget to have water by your side. Sharing also works if you do not want your tonsils to suffer lol.


The price is affordable and the cupcakes are a good buy. The seller is also responsive and responsible. My boyfriend liked it but has the same verdict when it comes to the taste of the cupcakes. This is a recommended gift for bridal showers or random surprises for friends or for a special someone. Although I don’t think I can recommend it as a gift for parents hahaha. Well, maybe if your homies are open minded, then why not?


Price: 10/10

Aesthetics: 9/10

Taste: 7/10

Recommendation: 8/10